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The Many

I find it very hard to accept that when many of the mediums today have been shown as false they still carry on regardless. To this day it has been investigated and shown that the many who claim to have “The Gift”, have not been able to produce the facts. There are still many unanswered questions of which many wonder if we will get the true answers. Even though many mediums are found to be false, there are still individuals who raise our eyebrows with incredible knowledge, of which, raises our thoughts to how they claim what they say. Is it general and personal background information they seek or is it an honest vision of what they recieve? So many have climbed on the bandwagon and are very clever in what they do, will we ever get to the factual truth I wonder.

Over thirty years of investigating and research has not given me the answers yet, well not the obvious answers anyway. Yes, there are many unexplainable events I have experienced but to discover evidence of spirit activity on a major level still avoids us all. We all have experience in our field of investigation the voices, shadows, movement of items e.t.c. , but the breakthrough of the actual recording of spirit apparition avoids us. This is the reason I have moved forward to filming each event, it is this evidence which is needed far more than verbal confirmation, many of us can feel certain changes at each event but to show it is something other than a feeling is the greatest task. Too many groups fall into the trap of believing too deeply about orbs and noises, there are so many explanations to make these doubtful. The only way forward is to film the event with sound and review your footage each time. That also leaves little room for entertainment which is left for the T.V. shows to continue there fun and money making. This is why you have a statement on each program shown as, “for entertainment only”. They are not there for research but they are there for selling their show and the products they use and to give you a good scare.

The research side of finding answers to any paranormal activity can and is very slow and frustrating most of the time. At most times it will only reveal E.V.P. (electronic voice phenomenon), which can be very clear and readable at times. Much of the other recordings can be explained. I hear you ask, why do you bother then! Because of so much doubt and also so much single individual sightings it leaves a large gap in our lives, always wondering what is true or false, this is the reason for me to continue my research and if there is evidence to be captured I will endeavour to try.

The biggest downfall is not enough people are willing to come forward to share their experiences with us, to privately film your location and research your experienced events. I cannot stress enough, we are not a ghost hunting team, we do not use any equipment that they use, we do not use mediums during our main event. We film each event with audio and just monitor the areas chosen at an agreed time, then produce our results.

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