My daughter’s reading.

Second Reading with Little Elves –Laura Mullen 27th Sept 2017

Tarot card Reading

Laura always starts with a card reading, she always advising that the future part is always susceptible to change. She passes the cards to you and asks you to shuffle them whilst thinking about a question you would like an answer to. My question was ‘Will we have another baby’. Every statement that Laura says can only be answered with Yes or No to prevent ‘Leading’ the medium.


Devil Card:  Present -She identified through this card that I had been feeling low. That I was feeling overwhelmed, lost and sad. She said that I am a positive person and to act that way and then I would feel that way again.

Future-She said that within the next couple of months there would be more ‘sunshine’ and uplifting in my emotions.

She said that Ross and I balance each other, that he is a proud person. I wear my smile like make-up no matter how I am feeling and that I am the ‘Cheer leader’ of the house. I get a lot of my positivity from my children.

Past- She said that the past two years had been stressful, that there had been big movements forward and more stress and pressure with that. She felt that we had everything that we wanted but that it had been stressful with work and finances. She said that we were coming out of the other side of this now and that she sensed that I needed this reading to confirm this.


Family Card   I am torn with family, wanting to be there more for parents but juggling children.

Relationships – people are worried about me – my Mum is not letting on. I need to let people in and let people help me, I need to learn that I can’t fix everything.

Life balance – I need more time to relax, I am too busy. It will help my relationship, we have no time together.


The Star – Laura laughed when she turned over this card as Ross had it in his Reading before me. Babies! She said another baby is not off the cards yet and that there is a lovely ball of energy in the wings if we change our minds. (She told Ross that if he didn’t want any more babies that he needed to be very careful!).

She said that she felt my last pregnancy put us off and that the baby turned late. Blake was breach until 34 weeks. She said she felt he was our miracle baby but I had to respond no to that as that was Lexi who was considered our miracle baby after my ectopic pregnancy.


The world – We are in a Rut at the moment with no surprises. Holidays and travel are on hold at the moment but she senses that there will be new adventures and this is definitely not permanent.


The Fool – She said I am plodding along at the moment and just treading water. She said to have faith and patience and this stressful time will get easier.

She says that the house feels calm and positive. That she can tell that I am in charge, that I need to tell Ross to do things. That he is a softy and emotional but that he has a tough exterior. She said we are a lovely match.


The Reading


She sensed she had an older lady through, a Grandmother. She described her as a lovely ‘little’ lady. She said she was sweet, the epitome of Grandmother. Nan.

She laughed and said she is a chatterbox and likes to talk a lot. She laughed again and asked me if she had met her before as she recognised her.

She said that Nan is around all of the time. That she liked her Tea. That she passed a while ago – not recent.

She said Nan watches television with Ross and that he was laughing at the British Bake off.

She sensed that Nan was poorly and went downhill but still had all of her marbles.

She said Nan liked her hair and was proud of it?

Nan was cheeky and liked a joke.

She said Nan is here very often and that Blake see’s her.


Alexia:  She said that Lexi still has the ability to be open to spirits but she is on the outskirts now (children loose it as they get older usually).  She said they Nanny and her have had lots of chats.


She sensed a name beginning with ‘M’ and that one of us has my Nan’s name as their middle name.


We then got interrupted by a male spirit (I got goose bumps on one arm and I could sense where he was, he was next to me on the sofa to my left), she said she got the initial ‘G’ and then the name George.

Dad’s friend George ‘Digger’ and my Auntie Christine’s ex-husband and father to my cousins Nicky and Angela passed away within the year before. She asked if I wanted to let him continue and I said no and went back to Nanny. I told my cousins afterwards and they are arranging to have a Reading.


Nan said that we were having to pay out more in childcare than usual – Blake had just started a nursery for one day a week and Lexi had just started pre-school.

Nan said Lexi had been asking for all the things in the magazines for Christmas already.

She said that Nan loved an ornament with a bell on it and that she would ring it. Lexi has a little cat with a bell in her room but I haven’t heard it yet.

She told me that a Robin that visits out garden is Nanny and that she loved her garden.

She loves a giraffe that we have (we have a wooden one from Kenya in our room)

She sensed I have a brother. She also sensed that there are twins in the family, a twin is in spirit fine and grown up (I believe this is Tracey’s Brother).  Nanny also has a young girl and a boy – one is my baby that I lost (I always felt that was a boy – I have no idea whose other little one she is looking after?)

The name Charlotte/Charlie was given?


She said I have a sister, she said she is very different to me, more outgoing and louder. She said that Nan is around her a lot.



She said we watch a lot of Disney in our house (this is me, not the kids, I love it!)

She knew that someone had walked into a doorframe (I broke my toe on the patio door frame a few weeks after we moved in)

She said that Lexi enjoys whistling.

Nan loved flowers, Tulips and Lillie’s?

Nan says that she loves children and will be in their lives forever.

Lexi will do well for herself, as an adult she will be very good with numbers.


There are pearls/a brooch that Nan wants me to have of hers that will come my way.

She knew that I had Nanny’s ring.

She said I had been having headaches and that Nanny had been brushing her hand across my face while I sleep.

She said Nanny has been around my Dad, Mum and Sister.

She has sat on the end of Dad’s bed.

She said that my Grandad (you) are still all together and taking care of yourself but that you have been poorly with health issues.

Dad is grumpy! She said he is very happy to still have his hair but that it has been hard for him recently and said his knees are bad.


She thinks that Lexi will develop an allergy to strawberries which will make her lips sore.

Lexi is a chatterbox and a character at home.

She said she has gorgeous fair hair and that she is going to want to sing when she grows up (Lexi has a terrible singing voice at the moment, haha!)

She said she will be a heartbreaker. At the moment she has difficulty making new friends. She needs to come out of herself. She will be fine.

She knew that my son has a May Birthday and my Daughter has a June.

April has a date that she said was a passing or marking of an anniversary but this didn’t mean anything to me.

She said Nanny is a very strong communicator and would talk forever if allowed!


She said that Lexi has seen people in her room and that on an occasion I asked someone to leave and they did. (Once Lexi woke up and was crying that she had seen a Man in her room, something seemed off, so I did ask him to leave even though I couldn’t see anything. Dad had said before that most spirit don’t mean to scare people)


She said Nanny was sad when my parents broke up, that she loves my Mum very much and wanted to say thank you.

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