Let us know.

We would be very interested if you have had any of your own experiences of suspected or actual paranormal events. This helps greatly with our research and can also bring others forward so they can talk freely. We do publish these experiences but if you wish to remain unknown we can show this as “name and location withheld”, we respect your decision 100%.

We fully understand this phenomenon can be a very sensitive subject for many but believe us when we say by sharing you can help others who can relate to the similar stories. It shows they are not on their own as there are many who have had, shall we say, visitors.

We also understand that it can be a very personal and private experience, much of the events can involve family members but think of it this way; if they openly came to you to say goodbye or to let you know they were at peace, then they would only welcome you to share it. We believe it also helps many with  grief. We have spoken to the many who have lost love ones and it is true, (although difficult at first), to talk about them is the first step to understanding how you heal yourself.

Research sounds quite cold and harsh but we can honestly say we fully understand each and every client, we listen very carefully to your needs and respect your wishes.

Research, yes, but advice and help, most certainly.

Please consider sharing your experiences with us so that others are encouraged to do the same. Thank you.


All emails are private and confidential.

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