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Kings Arms Royal Hotel 7,

Team. Alan,Lorraine,Jeff and guests Stephen and Gwyn.

Cellar 12.10

Jeff was in the cellar and heard someone coming down the stairs, but know one was there. This was confirmed on camera. Jeff said he sensed as if he was about to be attacked.

Steve now joined Jeff and sensed the names ALFY and JONES and also sensed something to do with a knife.

Alan had moved boxes earlier and a knife was found on the top of the box he had moved. This was definitely not there when he had moved them, very strange and unexplainable.

The cellar area was found by all to be very repressive

Jeff sensed the name BERNIE OR BERNARD, and also the feeling of a presence wanting to grab his right arm and twist it behind his back. Steve confirmed this as he sensed the same feeling.

A large light source was seen by Jeff between both of them.

Jeff suddenly shouted, ”I AM THE JUDGE”, he sensed this spirit was the judge here and they both felt the presence of a cruel and not nice person, very cruel . Both sensed he had a hook nose, wearing a three point hat and he was thin and wirey.

Several presences were felt and all were arrogant.

Steve felt he was pushed at 01.00, and felt as if someone had an elbow in his back. There was more aggression sensed by both of them.

Jeff sensed a lad around 13 to 15yrs, top hat and fagen type(rascal), also a younger lad with him.

Many light sources were seen at this time and they both sensed a lot of death. Steve sensed the name RICHARD and also confirms the JUDGE. At this time they both felt as if they had been touched on the head.1.14

The names TOMLIN and SARAH were sensed again aggression and authority was felt.

Alan joins them 01.14. As he came down the stairs he saw a shadow at the bottom and he could see it looked like a male, he thought it was Jeff or Steve but they were in the far side of the cellar. Alan moves in with both of them and I can say it was pitch black in this part of the cellar.

Jeff again shouts out, making Alan and Steve jump, the words “MY CLIENT” of which he had sensed. With this Alan felt his left arm being gripped and the released.

More light sources are seen and every one laughed as Jeff said he had just been called a TURD. At this time Steve had sensed JOSEPH.

Jeff then felt another touch to his head and it was seen on camera, a large light source went over his head at that time.

Gwyn joins the three lads. 01.24. Jeff returns upstairs.

Alan feels a touch to his back as if a fist was pushed into him. Gwyn feels heat to her left and Lorraine and Jeff who were monitoring from upstairs sensed it was a male.

Jeff returns 01.35. Steve said he has a very heavy head. And at 01.38 he was pushed backwards, enough to make him take a step. Shortly after this , 01.41 Gwyn jumps and realised her torch which was hanging on her side touched her leg. We all had a good laugh.

Again Jeff is touched on the head and Gwyn was touched on the leg (no torch this time).

01.42 Alan calls out for a more positive action and it was seen on camera that a large light source travelled around Alan’s head and out in front of Gwyn and Steve and settled in front of them for a while before dis-appearing.

Steve was touched again after Alan called out for more contact. It was then that Jeff sensed the words “I SEE YOUR EYE “, and the temperature dropped very fast . Alan then called again asking why they feared us, Steve shivered as if he had been walked through and Jeff sensed, “WE DO NOT FEAR ANYTHING”. Alan replied “Yes you do or you would come forward, and not hide behind us and in the shadows”.

We settled the cellar down and left the area at 01.55.

Just to add to this event, within the Kings Arms Royal Hotel there is no sign of the czar of Russia who was meant to be heard kicking off his boots in room 1 & 2 but the activity in that area including room 3 & 4 plus the corridor is very interesting. There are many other strange things that make this place high in the rankings for unusual and unexplainable events. Tips for future researchers concentrate on the bar and kitchen area and the cellar is very interesting. We were very lucky in our year there as we covered all rooms and went through the re-vamp of it being modernised which did kick up some interesting results. I myself did contact the Manager in 2019/20 for a followup on the research but seems there were very busy at the time. Maybe they would like to contact us again to arrange it?

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