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Kings Arms Royal Hotel 2007/ 2008

The Kings Arms Royal Hotel.1st
A popular and busy coaching inn in the centuries before the railways took over was the Kings Arms & Royal Hotel in Godalming High Street. The inn was frequented by Henry VIII and Lord Nelson, and the less fortunate including French prisoners of the Napoleonic war, and later British felons on their way to be deported to Australia lodged there. A scheduled stop on the stagecoach Accommodation’s route between London and Portsmouth, the King’s Arms benefited from the overnight stays of its passengers who paid the princely sum of half a guinea to reach thus far from Piccadilly.
The landlord at one time had a farm in Farncombe where he kept 30 to 40 horses which were hired to the coaching companies. The inn had its fair share of difficult customers, but one so famous as to trigger a near scandal in the 17th century. In 1698 the proprietor had the dubious pleasure of entertaining Czar Peter the Great of Russia (1672 – 1725) and his large entourage.
Landlord James Moon’s delight soon turned to horror when he realized the Czar had absolutely no intention of paying for their keep, or indeed for the damage from many a wild party. Moon’s nightmare was finally over when the Czar’s party moved on to stay with diarist John Evelyn in Deptford, where they stayed for 3 months at his expense and where they also did immeasurable damage, eating and drinking him out of house and home. Evelyn’s bailiff is recorded as describing them as ‘right nasty people’. If you believe the touristy banter the Czar’s phantom is said to reside at the inn and manifests itself by kicking off its boots between 1am and 2am. Although to this day there have been sounds and bumps heard that is linked with this there has been no visual signs..The King’s Arms has a magnificent facade of red and black brickwork which dates back to 1753. To the interior however is timber work and paneling which is considerably older.
………………………………………. Update…21/11/07……….The premises has just finished being re-decorated and there has been a lot of changes mainly to the ground floor area which looks stunning. Also the bedrooms have had major re-decoration and improvements which are still being completed. Overall the place is very inviting and we would recommend that it is worth a visit or stay. We will again be investigating this premises in the early part of January to complete our work.
The Staff at the Kings Arms Royal Hotel. Andy (Manager) Jay (Bar Manager) Phil (Barman) We can say that this is a very interesting and fascinating investigation and we thank Andy the Manager for allowing us to continue at this location. Andy and his staff at the hotel have made us very welcome. Andy has sensed a lot of activity within this Hotel, and Jay had stayed in room 2 and heard footsteps walking the corridor from room 3.We will update our findings as they unfold, and continue to post them on this section. As a team we have nothing to prove and we write what we see and sense, so nothing is added or made up. It is up to the readers what they wish to believe, we only show the truth to you….Alan and the team.

Kings Arms Royal Hotel Investigation 1. 10/08/07 Room 15 Team. Jeff. Temperature 75.7 time.23:00Jeff feels a presence to his left while sitting on the bed. 1 female, 1 male. Light source travels from bed to wall.23:10:48 Jeff asks if any one is near the stairs to the room, the answer was no but when he answered “cool ok”, Audio picked up “ah ha”, a woman’s voice very softly.23:12:32. Audio, again a woman’s faint voice which was unreadable. Jeff now senses Lady Anna and Dr Boyd. He senses Lady Anna is Victorian. Again Audio picks up a woman’s voice saying something like” pick up words” whispering twice. Alan joins Jeff 23:16 More light sources are seen on camera. Jeff again feels the presence of Lady Anna. Alan asks for physical touch, but we only get very bright light sources on camera. Jeff senses a presence to his left and pressure to his left arm. It was at this time we both saw a light go out or a change in light, bearing in mind that we were in pitch blackness. (Strangely nothing showed upon film).Jeff and Alan felt a stronger presence; Alan and Jeff were tingling all over. Jeff sensed it was Lady Anna and he was now cold down his left side. Alan asked for a light source for an answer for yes. Alan asked,” are you between me and Jeff” A light source came over us, seen on camera. Alan also sees another light source himself. Jeff asks, “Are you a believer Lady Anna” A light source went over us, seen on camera. Alan sees another light source when Jeff asks for Dr Boyd. Jeff asks,” Were you a specialist”. Another light source is seen on camera. We both sensed he was a surgeon. We asked if he could affect us in the area on our body for the work he did. A light source went near Alan’s head. We took that as the brain. Jeff asked,”Were you a local to this area” Another light source seen on camera. Jeff again asked,” Were you a
London man”. Light source seen on camera. Alan then sensed Saint something Hospital. Jeff asked,” Are you a believer sir”. Another light source was seen on camera. Jeff then asked,” Do you wish to move on sir”. There was no response. But there was more contact that made us both tingle. Jeff then sensed that Dr Boyd had a son. We now felt we needed a break and we left the room saying we would return Later. 23:39:50
Room 15 Team. Jeff and Maggie. Time. 00:32:03 11/08/07When Jeff and Maggie settled down in the room there was a clicking noise that sounded like a clock but when the sensed Lady Anna and were talking to her these clicks seem to respond to there questions. Times of clicking noise.00:33:10 like clock00:33:27 like clock00:33:56 intermittent00:34:39 intermittent Clicking stopped at 00:36:18Jeff feels presence near him. He moves to the window area and feels tingling in his right leg. He senses Lady Anna and Dr Boyd are about 10 years apart and they are aware of each other. Jeff’s back is now cold and smells mothballs. Maggie feels a heavy misty feeling. Large light source is seen on camera going from the head board across the room. It goes very quiet and they decide to leave the room. Room 3 Team. Jeff, Alan and Maggie. Time. 00:49 11/08/07
After a few minutes light sources are seen on camera and we feel this is very active. Jeff senses there are two spirits, one being mischievous. He senses that it moves the bed covers and the bed when people stay in this room. It is not negative in any way; he feels it just wants to be noticed. We had no temperature readings but it was definitely colder. Maggie was sitting on a stool near the door and felt a presence very close to her. Jeff asked for the spirit to step back a little, which it did and she felt it move to the right side of her. More light sources were seen on camera at this time. Alan asked for the spirit to step forward and feels its presence, it was at this time Jeff smelt cigar smoke.
A large light source was seen on camera moving from Alan’s head to the end of one of the beds. Jeff moves towards the wardrobe and senses this is where the spirit stands. It is grounded, and he senses it touches people when they are sleeping in the room. More light sources appear on camera. Jeff feels his ears pop, and senses a spirit fronting him out.
Jeff said he was male standing in front of him. His ears pop again. He feels the spirit move when he moves and it is very cold where he is standing. Alan now senses a presence by him and he moves to the wardrobe with Jeff and asks the spirit to come forward. On our Audio system we heard the words,” I am standing to your left”. At this time Jeff felt a presence between us (to my left).Again our Audio picked up a voice saying,” did you fall” Jeff’s left ear felt like it was going to pop again. Alan asked, can you say who you are. Again our Audio picked up a sigh.
There were more light sources seen on the camera. Jeff now feels a presence behind him and asks for it not to stand behind him. At this time Maggie senses the name Johnathon. Again our Audio picks up the words,” can’t believe it”.
Jeff feels the hairs on his arm raise as Alan asks the spirit to come to him. Jeff also senses the spirit backing away from Alan as he requests the spirit talk through him. At this time our Audio picked up a sigh. Jeff senses the year 1825. Audio again picked up what sounded like a single dog bark. Jeff again sensed this spirit looked down on people while they slept.
Audio again picked up a tapping or rattling noise. Maggie was sitting on one of the beds and felt a presence behind her. Alan asked why this spirit would not come forward and said is it a game or are you playing with us. Audio again picked up a voice saying “yes”.
All of us could sense this was not a negative spirit, but it was still hiding behind Maggie as she said her back was very cold. A light source was seen on camera going over our heads. It settled down after this and we left the room at 01:16:22
The room was still monitored after this for some time and the light sources stopped.
11th/8/07 Room 3. Team. Jeff. Time. 02:53:00Jeff enters and feels a presence straight away. Although on our own at times we are constantly monitored by camera and audio by someone in the team. He sits on the bed and there light sources at times being seen near Jeff by the camera.
Jeff feels a touch to his head. I might add all filming is done in 0′lux light conditions most of the time, which is pitch black for anyone who doesn’t know. A light mist light source about a foot long picked up by the camera passes from the end of the bed to the side unit and disappears. Jeff said his ears wanted to pop again at this time. He then senses an energy building up. Time 03:05:00.
Jeff calls out for contact and a large light source goes to him and over his head, he has pins and needles all over. He senses a male with a strange shaped bowler hat, era around 1920s-30s with a mas tosh, a wing collar shirt, like the era of Charlie Chaplin.
At this time a large flaky light source picked up by the camera goes past the opposite bed that Jeff is sitting on. Jeff sensed the spirit is dressed in black and the shirt has a detachable collar. He then senses the name Jekyll. The name Jekyll, Jeff explained, was being sensed in reference to a split personality and this spirit was either strangled or hung.
Another light source at this time was picked up on camera and it went towards Jeff’s chest and disappeared. Another followed seconds after. Time 03:14:07.Jeff then asked again for contact and another light source came round the front of him at the end of the bed and went to the fireplace and faded.03:18:10 on our Audio a male sigh was picked up.03:18:37 another sigh picked up. Jeff then moved from the bed to the fireplace and felt another strong presence. There was no contact at this time and he decided to take a break.
Time 03:25:Room 15. Team. Alan, Jeff. Time. 04:02:37 11/08/07
Room 15 is directly above room 3, so we sensed that activity is linked to the two rooms. Again the room is pitch black. We both lay on the bed (just good friends. lol). The camera picking up several light sources as we meditate. No contact at this time 04:07:24.Jeff says he has a headache, dense feeling, and Alan’s legs are tingling. We sense a presence in the room and ask for closer contact. More light sources picked up on camera. Jeff senses two spirits but they are hard to make out and were very weak. He said his face was feeling weird, and Alan replied” it is killing me “.Well there were roars of laughter from all of us and it took a while to settle down. It was nice to relax for a while. Time 04:09:025.
04:12:00 settled down again. At 04:13:01 Jeff felt cold down his left leg and elbow.
They both heard a noise behind them sounding like “ah-ha “. The Audio system does show a noise but we can’t make it out. Alan and Jeff both see light sources by eye. It was seen on camera as one hit Jeff’s hand and he said it felt like a pin prick at the time. Jeff meditates more to build things up.
04:17:26 Alan senses they are not only sensing grounded activity but visitation as well. There was a build up of light sources seen on camera at this time. 04:19:24.Jeff senses Lady Anna to his left. His ears feel like popping again. Alan smells polish. Then they both smell burning, varnish and soot. Alan asks for physical touch to his hand. No touch but on our Audio system we heard a female voice say “yes”.
Alan now smells musty, as if old room and old carpet. Jeff agrees that he can smell this too. Jeff then senses the place Pirbright. Unknown why? This again cracked Alan up as Jeff’s mum comes from Pirbright and Alan made comments of this and the foot and mouth in that area and they both fell about laughing. After this anything which was said caused hysterics and we had to again stop for a while. As they were relaxing Jeff made a loud groan, I think to clear his throat and bearing in mind this was pitch black, Alan nearly took off from where he was laying on the bed. Alan said a few choice words to Jeff for making him jump and they just fell about laughing. Well as you can imagine that was the end of this part of the investigation into room 15, but with good results I may add. Time 04:30:44. End of first Investigation.

Kings Arms Royal Hotel Invest 2
17th August 2007
Team. Alan
Lorraine Jeff and Maggie.
Our visit on the 17th went very well, and again room 3 has had some very good results. Also room 21.
Results in Room 21.
Jeff started in this room alone at around 10:30 pm but monitored by our audio CCTV cameras by me (Alan). We are also in constant touch with walkie talkies and can communicate. Temperature was 75 degrees.
He sensed spirit activity within a short time and felt blowing on his face. At this time there were plenty of light sources. Jeff moved towards a mirror in the room and felt a cold chill, the temperature had dropped to 72 degrees.
There were now several large light sources moving from floor to ceiling. As Jeff asked for contact, he was cold; another two large light sources went over his head and into the mirror. On several occasions Jeff requested a light source and they would appear and move to the mirror. Temp. Still 72 degrees.
Jeff said he felt his right arm was tender and tingled, and he felt like he was shrouded, and his body felt weird. Again he sensed something and asked for it to produce a light source to say if it was male or female. A light source came when asked for male.
Jeff was given the year 1905 and the name Eric. He asked if Eric was content. A light source appeared behind Jeff and he took that as yes.
Lorraine now joins Jeff in room 21 at 12:30pm. Temp. Now 71 degrees.
They request from Eric if he had a trade and at the same time
Lorraine sensed woodwork, and Jeff a carpenter. Their legs were feeling like lead, very heavy. Both of them noticed light sources by there own eyes.
Lorraine senses more than Eric in the room. And Jeff at this time had his hair touched and went cold. Temp. 71 degrees.
Lorraine saw another light source as they both sensed a blond hair woman present. Jeff stood up and felt like he was being pulled over.
Lorraine had now sensed the name Celia and said this was confirmed to her. At this time Jeff had sensed the presence of a male to his left. This was confirmed by
Lorraine who said it was by the window to his left.
By the way all this information has been checked word for word on our audio and CCTV. It is unfortunate at this time that we are having learning difficulties with the new equipment to download our filming, so hopefully we can progress fully to show some of the footage soon.
Lorraine can now see a form of a woman in one of the corners of the room. She asks her to come closer and it is a woman of 19 to 20 year old, and again confirms it is Celia. Still the light sources are visual to all. Time 12:45pm.
Lorraine and Jeff join hands to meditate, and this produces regular light sources. Jeff felt as if something had walked through him, and Lorraine at this time felt someone leaning on her back, this was not uncomfortable but Jeff asked for it to back off a bit anyway. It did.
Lorraine asked for the presence to make itself more known and she then felt a light touch or stroke on her cheek. Around this time Jeff had the smell of oranges, and
Lorraine felt as if someone had sat on the bed next to her, (there was no visual sign of this on film), they also experienced a light tickle on Jeff’s left and
Lorraine’s right ear lobe. Also again Jeff’s hair was touched.
Lorraine again saw a light source in front of her and sensed young adults, as so did Jeff and he thought they were related to one of the other spirits in the room. No more information came through on this. At 12:52pm we all heard a distinct tapping to the right of Jeff, it was three taps and the temperature was now 70 degrees. Both of them at this time saw light sources. Jeff then sensed a male, tallish, well cut jacket, plain. Rounded hat, high collar. He had a mas tosh and was from around the year 1920. Temp now 71 degrees. This he said is the same spirit that was in room 3 last week.
They both said they felt cold and these spirits were not fully communicating but just coming in and out. It was then that I (Alan) heard another tapping noise, again 3 times, but Jeff and
Lorraine heard nothing. Jeff then sensed the name Isabella. And he said he had just seen another light source, it was oblong. They now had a rest and came out of the room at 01:13am.When they left the room the light sources ceased, only a few flies or dust particles were seen by me.
18/08/07 Room 3, Team. Alan and Jeff. Time. 01:45 Temp. 75 degrees.
Jeff senses a presence and as he does so there is a light source seen on camera passing by himself and Alan. Alan said at this time his mouth was tingling and Jeff mentioned his ears were about to pop. The temp. Was 72 degrees.
Again a large light source was seen on camera passing by both of them. Jeff and Alan felt a cold spot near the wardrobe and they felt very cold at this time. The temperature was now 71.5 degrees, but they felt colder. Still light sources around them at intervals, seen on camera. It was strange as within the next thirty seconds Alan’s camera started to play up and the temperature gauge packed up completely. Time 01:52.
Jeff then asked for a contact to come forward and more light sources came by them as seen on camera. Alan’s camera was now working but the temperature gauge was still dead.( We replaced the batteries, which made no difference, and the following day Alan told us it was completely U/S).Jeff senses a male presence, and has a pain in his solar-plexus. Alan has a sore feeling on his forehead as if it was a graze or cut. Alan asks for the presence to come forward sensing that this spirit is in pain with his head.
Jeff then senses there are two spirits in the room and one is a murderer, and the other is his victim. Alan now feels pain in his solar-plexus, more of a stabbing pain. Jeff felt himself stumble slightly and he also was still feeling this pain. Shortly after this Jeff had to leave the room as the pain was too much. Alan again asks for the spirits to come forward, as he also has sensed there are two in the room, as he does so he can feel a tingling sensation on his right hand.
Alan now concentrates on the spirit who is in pain and asks again for him to come forward. As he does come forward Alan feels the pain he is suffering to the head. Light sources were seen at this time from the camera. They both now know that Jeff has the murderer and Alan the victim. Feeling quite drained at this time Alan and Jeff request the spirits to step back and wait for their return. They then left the room for a well deserved break. 02:32
Room 3. Team. Jeff Alan and
Lorraine. Time. 02:56 19/08
Light source seen on camera moving from a chair to Alan’s face and stays there for a few seconds and moves towards Lorraine and then to the door and fades. We decide to join hands and meditate and Jeff takes the lead with a short prayer to protect the circle as there is still a heavy negative presence which we know as Alfred. He and this spirit he is tormenting have to be moved on.
Jeff requests Alfred to come forward and a light source is seen by the camera has moved to Jeff’s back and over to near Lorraine and faded.03:01:57 the team sense that Alfred will not come forward at this time, so we decide to bring the suffering spirit forward. Alan asks for this spirit to come forward and let him feel the pain again that he gave him to his head, so as to recognize him. The camera picked up a light source going from Jeff’s back to the window and returning to the circle before fading. The suffering spirit would not give his name, we only new he was a male. Several light sources were seen on camera as we continued to call him to us.
Jeff senses that the suffering spirit had two small children when he passed. And again we asked him to trust us to help him.
Lorraine now calls to him to come forward and his presence became slightly stronger, but we felt he was holding back. As we progress there are more light sources seen on camera. We now realist that he is being held back by Alfred and we request that he moves away from Alfred’s grip, again we feel that he is being tormented and controlled. Time. 03:14:04
Alan now felt the soreness on his forehead and feels he is now very close. As they call this spirit into the circle our hand were joined, Alan and Lorraine’s arms are raised, as if someone was stepping into the circle, then their arms were lowered slowly as if to close it again behind him. They were surprised and said it felt wonderful. They all sensed this tormented spirit was in the circle.
It was at this time that the team sent this spirit to the light with their blessing. We do not explain how we do this as we find this a very personal process. Again at this time there was a knock picked up on Audio.03:28:34While they were still active within the circle the now brought Alfred into the circle, this took some time to draw this reluctant and angry spirit in. After a while managed to move Alfred on, and they all agreed it was very draining. The team agreed the room was now very calm. The light sources had ceased, and the team needed a well deserved break. Time 03:38:03
Room 21. Team Maggie and Jeff. Time 05:35 19/08/07
Maggie and Jeff went in to room 21 and again the light sources started to appear. Maggie sensed someone that was connected with being a groomer or gardener. She also sensed someone touching her leg and was very cold. At 5:43am there was a tapping noise again. At 5:45am there was one tap. At 5:50am there was a groan and noise. In-between these times there were many light sources. Finished at 5:55am
Kings Arms Royal Hotel 3rd Investigation
The bar area. Team. Alan and Jeff. Time. 00:59:54. 24/08/07
Jeff sits in the bar area while I sit and monitor him. He feels a build up of energy and even though he is sitting down he says he feels wobbly.01:00:26.
He then senses a presence and I see a light source pass him from the cameras. Jeff is now feeling something close to him and Jeff has the feeling of having a heavy head. 00:02:28, I came and joined him and confirmed this, he then said he felt very cold on the back of his head and I checked this, and this was confirmed when I felt it, but also my arm ached when I touched his head.
Alan calls out for a contact and Jeff still feels a presence behind him but also one by the door. 01:08:40 He also feels a breeze across his face and at this time there were several light sources seen on camera. With no direct response to our asking for them to come forward we took a break. 01:13:05.
01:17:34. Alan now sits in the bar area. Again I might add that conditions are very dark. I am monitoring the camera (Jeff).He calls out for a contact and says we come in love and friendship and feels a presence, and I see another light source go by him on camera. This was in the same area I had sat.
Alan then asked for a name to the presence and I sensed the name “Price”. Alan said it became stronger when I mentioned this and that it felt pleasant and inquisitive and I saw two more light sources go past him from the camera. 01:21:16.When Alan asked if the name was correct we heard a tap come from behind him. 01:24:28. another tap was heard at 01:27:15.This sounded like taps on wood.
We had an ice making machine in the bar and that sounded more mechanical and like a metal tap so we new it was not that. Alan took a break at this time. Although we seem to be sensing a lot of activity they still seem to be holding back. We had covered a projector with a light cloth because it was reflecting on our camera.
During the night this cloth dropped to the floor and when we looked at the footage it seemed to drop very heavily which looked unusual. We tried to simulate this and it would not drop in the place where it fell, which was some way from where it had originally fallen. We had also noticed a large light source had traveled beneath it before it had fallen.
Also while Jeff replaced it there was a large light source seen on camera goes round him and disappears. He felt a presence at this time, and heard a tap. 01:42:20This cloth dropped twice that evening and although we are not putting this down to paranormal activity we felt it was very strange the way it fell. We were then investigating an extractor fan near camera two as it was noisy.
Jeff said “is it blowing in or sucking out”? and on audio a male voice was heard saying “sucking out “.We managed to find the switch to turn it off and at that time, on audio there was a “sigh” and whispering heard. Alan then said “is it cold”? And on audio we heard “too true”, this was a male voice. We had a coffee break and watched the monitor for a while and still there were light sources seen on camera.
We both returned to the bar and stood by the bar, Jeff feels a cold spot and I feel unstable and also wobbly. I called out for this presence to communicate and on the audio a voice was heard to say, “Respect me”, again it was male.
Jeff sensed the name Frank, but later sensed this was more near the name Francis. 01:59:04
Jeff sensed that it was a shock when Frank (Francis) went over and a sigh was heard on the audio. More light sources were seen on camera at this time.
I sensed that this spirit liked to prod or touch people, and Jeff agreed. I also sensed that it was his bar where he liked to drink and enjoyed the company it had held at his time, and he feeds off this now.
I only wish he had come through a bit stronger at the time as we would like to know more about him. Maybe he will later in time. I did sense that he was connected to the place, not just drank there.
As Alan was walking I noticed he was swaying his arms forward together and when I questioned this he said it was how this spirit walked, he was a large person and swayed when he walked. I too experienced this during the night.
Alan then said “there are more than two spirits in here”.
We sensed the build up in energy. I (Jeff) then sensed one of them was a “courtier”, and another was clear to me to be a cavalier with a feather in his hat standing by the door.
Alan again asked for them to come forward and we both heard a series of taps from in front of us. There were more light sources seen on camera at this time but no contact. We again feel a strong build up in energy and another tap is heard, Jeff’s ears feel like they are going to pop, then a loud click is heard as he asks for a contact. 02:17:36. more light sources are seen on camera and another tap is heard at 02:19:36.
02:19:40 Jeff sees a shadow, although this was not seen on camera I have no reason to doubt him as I myself had seen one earlier. When he said this we both heard another loud tap come from near one of the doors.
Jeff then requested a definite sign and more light sources were seen on camera around us and it was then that Jeff felt something touch his head. He then moved forward and walked into what can only be described as an electrical charge, I saw him jump and this is what he described. He said this was very strong.
Jeff then senses a dog by its smell, like when you take a dog for walk in the damp. He then moves to the window and feels a male presence, another tap is heard and he thanks the spirit but no further contact was made. At this time he felt strange and wary.
Jeff calls out “one of you is grounded”, and a large light source went above our heads, disappearing into the dark.
He felt it was a female and she came from upstairs somewhere. 02:34:00.The female presence is stronger and He felt she was a “Lady”, and he said aloud “with the greatest respect please come forward. Another light source traveled across his waist and towards the door before disappearing.
Her presence feels strong and Jeff asks once more for her to communicate, again only the light source is seen to go over Jeff’s head and disappear towards the bar. We take a break to reset one of the cameras and a lovely large light source is seen which we will try and put on the site. 02:41:18
In the area of the bar we had many light sources come very close to us and at one time a light source lit Alan’s face in the dark.
At times they seem to come on request of an answer, other times it was as if we were being sized up and looked upon. We found at this time that we were very close to communication but they seemed to hold back. I think as we progress in this place it will all start to come forward and trust will prevail. Alan also picked up the name Michael in the bar. Jeff picked up Elizabeth and sensed Edward but later this pointed to the word Edwardian.
This area is very active and we look forward to returning soon and hope we can get a more positive response.
We can say that this dwelling is full of unusual and mystifying events, and although we have only once came up against one negative spirit “(Alfred, of which we have now moved on)”, we have yet to find from the information given by quite a few of the books that are published about the bar area, the poltergeist activity that is meant to be present in this place. The energy that surrounds The Kings Arms Royal Hotel is very strong so who knows what we will find on our investigations???
We have found that there are many visitations here and we have to filter these to find the grounded and more frequent spirits. We keep you informed of our factual findings as this investigation progresses.
We also would like to say that our work in room 3 was monitored all night and we can say that this room is now clear of any negative activity.

Kings Arms Royal Hotel 4th Investigation
31/08/0 Team. Alan, Lorraine and Jeff. Visors. Jay and his Wife Sarah
We set up our equipment in the bar area around 11:30pm.Camera 1.was placed in the large area of the bar. Camera 2.and 4. was to the left of the bar area. Camera 3. was placed from the bar to the large area crossing with camera 1.00:30:00.
Jeff sits in the large area ,camera 1.,while Alan and Lorraine monitor him. There are several light sources seen around and passing by Jeff.(At 00:47:00 when checking the audio after the investigation the words “Help me Alan” were heard.).Jeff then sensed the name Jack Smithers, he sensed he was a farm worker, wearing a white smock and holding an old pitch fork. He was dated around late 1890 to 1900 and this place was his local. Jeff has a break and returns to the monitor.
Alan moved to Camera 2 and 4 area, in a short time he had sensed a man in a top hat, but no contact was made. Several light sources are seen near Alan. He joins Jeff on the monitor.
Lorraine has now moved to camera 1 area.
She feels a build up of energy coming from one of the corners of this area. All she could sense at this time was a passageway and a warm feeling. Again no contact was made, and a few light sources were seen near her. 01:01:00
Jeff and Lorraine move to camera 1 area. 01:10:42.
Lorraine senses having long blond hair down to her waist. A light source passes Jeff as she speaks.
Jeff agrees and feels that Jack is nearby as well. They both try to bring these spirits closer. Again no contact.
01:14:12 Lorraine can visualize children running over a field, playing, and wearing white socks without shoes on.
Jeff shivers and senses a presence. It is very strong. He feels hounded as if everyone is coming to him at once.
Lorraine at this time keeps sensing the name” Bell”, as if it is being constantly said to her.
Lorraine and Jeff take a break and monitor.
Alan moves to camera 2 and 4 area.
01:18:21. He calls Jeff, as he is sensing a slight negative presence. This is the one in a black hat and he says he is stepping in and back all the time. Alan tells Jeff he feels him standing behind him. Jeff confirms this and senses there are two at this time.
Jay joins Jeff and Alan at this time.
Alan mentions he is feeling sick, and Jay feels this as well, also Jay’s hands are very cold. Alan and Jeff also feel a strong energy build up.
Jeff now senses the name Samuel Jenkins, a Doctor. 01:20:53.
Alan agrees this is the one with the black top hat and now senses a briefcase with initials of which he could not make out at the time.
Jeff feels this man is schizophrenic and does not like us around.
Alan at this time feels his hair touched and Jeff stands behind him and senses this spirit is known to poke and push people, he has a very changeable attitude.
Alan offers Samuel to come forward. No contact
Lorraine joins us.
Jeff feels that Samuel hides in the one corner and tends to come out when the coast is clear. Jeff also feels that Elizabeth, a spirit picked up on our last investigation wants nothing to do with this man, he feels that she watched him when he was on the earth plain and did not like him then.
Alan again feels the stronger presence, and Lorraine feels a pain in her right knee at this time.
Jeff then senses that Samuel was a nasty man and not a good doctor. He had done illegal abortions and been thrown aside by the richer folk and all he could do was treat the poor, and he did a very poor job at that.
Alan and Lorraine at this time felt their toes hurting.
Jeff senses Samuel to his left and feels he was the sort of man to bully women.
Alan asked Samuel if he wished to move on and although for a time there was a strong presence, there was no contact.
The last things that Jeff sensed in this area was that Elizabeth comes from upstairs and Samuel hides in a corner in this area. Also Samuel died on the 3rd of November, he was garroted.
We took a break 00:30:50
We place a trigger object in this area and had no results.
Lorraine sat in camera 1. area.
At 01:50:05 she heard footsteps near to her. There were several light sources seen around her during this time.
Jay sits in camera 1 and 2 area to see if he can experience any more feelings.
Jeff and Sarah move to camera 1 area.
He explains the drop in temperature as they walk from one area to another, and she experienced this as the moved. Jeff saw a slight white mist and sensed a presence, and although the camera did not pick this up We have no doubt in what he saw, He then asked Sarah to stand in that area and she experienced tingles in her fingers.
Jeff felt this was a large male as he felt the energy build up, and the feeling of being watched.
Sarah went on to say that the panels at the end of this room used to be a fire place. And it was in that area that we saw several light sources.
Sarah mentioned she was was very cold and felt a breeze on her face. At this time Jeff felt his hair being touched. 02:05:04.
There were light sources are seen around Sarah as they sat in this area. And a larger one circled the room slowly and passed in front of Sarah’s face and disappeared. 00:10:03.
02:11:40 Break time.
All night we experienced several presences that would come forward and then back off again. We found it hard to hold or bring them closer to us.
Jeff had also sensed a large white and black horse in the area of camera 1.
Jay and Sarah retired for the evening. 02:39:00 Also Alan’s wife Lorraine gets her head on a pillow for a while.
Jeff and Alan walk in all areas for some time and light sources were seen on camera many times. At 03:49:49 audio picked up on cam 1. a whispering voice saying” Hey”.
On camera 2 at 03:51:33 there is more audio but we are still trying to make out the five words said. This was also picked up on camera audio 1 and 4.
Alan returns to camera 1 area and Jeff sits at the monitor.
Alan senses a presence, and has a very cold left arm. He then feels as if someone blew on his arm.
He then asks if it is a female then blow again on his arm please. This it did and it was confirmed. He then asked if it was Elizabeth, there was no response.
He tried several times to bring this spirit forward but only experienced coldness at this time.
This investigation showed us that these spirits would not fully come forward for some reason or another. It was their wish not to, so with that in mind we respect their decision.
It was a strange night and although we expected more on the evening, we still collected some interesting footage and information.
Our work was finished for now at 04:50:05.
Kings Arms Royal Hotel 5th Investigation
The air was heavy and electric on this Thursday night so we feel that this was why we had several contacts…………………………………………
Very successful night.
Team……Alan, Jeff and Maggie.
Camera 1. Left to the bar.
Camera 2. Right to the bar.
Camera 3. Facing bar.
Camera 4. Reception stairs.
Conditions were very electric, as if a storm was brewing although this was not the case the atmosphere was very alive.
Jeff sits in cam.4 area at the bottom of the stairs and senses a child. While she is at the bottom of the stairs he senses the mother at the top and she is telling her daughter off for running up and down. He senses the mother to be be very strict but loving.
Jeff explains the mother is wearing a pale blue dress, and has a lot of hair, and when not wearing a hat has it up in ringlets. The child he says is very cute.
It was at this time a woman’s voice was heard to say” She’s next “.
Although Alan was wearing portable headphones he did not hear this and it was when we checked the film footage, this was picked up.
“The mother”, Jeff said, acts like a governess to this child who is around 3ft high, and is a tomboy who wears brown boots and her dress is a smock with a pinny, more Victorian like. She is very mischievous, and likes to stomp up and down the stairs. ( It was at this time that Andy the manager came pass and confirmed he had heard this stomping on several occasions).
Jeff is sensing that the child is near him and telling her mother in a surprising tone that we can see her. This was when Jeff felt a touch to his hand as if it was being held. 00:23:05
Within the time of contact we could sense the child coming forward and backing off each time, as if just to let us all know she was there.
Jeff then said the name “Emily “,and sensed that this was one of the children. Alan and Maggie said to Jeff ” is there more than one child”. Jeff then explained that he sensed that the mother had lost a child when she was younger and this was due to a miscarriage.
Alan mentioned to Jeff as he came closer that there is a big difference in the temperature by the stairs, and Jeff said to him that this had been sensed for quite a while to him.
It was then that Jeff sensed the husband was there as well and felt he came from the end of the 1800s era. He said he sensed that the description of him was similar to like the picture of the person on the king Edward cigar boxes.
We all took a break at this time to reset the equipment. 00:38:00
00:45:00. While Jeff was setting the equipment a large light source was seen on camera moving towards him and passing over his head then traveling across the room and faded.
01:00:00 Jeff now sits in cam 3. area, and he feels very hot and intense, a light source is seen on camera by Alan as he is talking and it passes right across Jeff’s face.
He calls for a contact and feels as if his hair is standing on end. As he senses this presence he feels a major pressure to his head. 01:08:02.
He now senses a large pot belly gentleman with a gold waistcoat, flamboyant and jolly fellow. He also sensed he was being watched from behind, and requests that the presence comes to his front.
Jeff again senses the pot belly presence and says he is wearing grey trousers,jacket, spats and highly polished shoes. He is a round barreled shape of a man.
Jeff again does not like the presence behind him and says it is very strange. Again he asks for it to come in front of him.
He senses a dark figure and sees a light source.
Jeff senses a dominant man, thin, and appeared to be very tall and he was hung for his crime.
“A highway man”, Jeff said. He was told the saying “Man of the night”.
He was hung in London and in the 1700s, “Smithers” was the name that came to Jeff. This Highway man traveled far to commit his crime, and he was known to drink in this place. Jeff said he was portraying himself to him.
He is in visitation, wearing a black handkerchief over his face, two pistols tucked in his waist, very handsome and quite gentry. At this time Jeff sees a shadow pass which is out of shot of the camera.
Jeff now senses another presence and it feels like he is going to get into a fight. He says he is like a bouncer, short , stocky , aggressive and can handle himself.
Jeff asks him to come forward, he feels he is being circled by this presence and feels a touch to his head. There is now a heavy energy build up which is slightly negative and Jeff feels pushed, physically and mentally. He senses a fist under his chin and as if he is being goaded.
Alan offers Jeff assistance but Jeff says he is OK.
At this time there was a male sigh heard on the film footage. 01:27:55
Jeff sits again and smells a strong unhygienic smell of urine, and that this dirty spirit had money. He felt as if his chair was going to be tipped over at any time.
01:32:32 Jeff felt sick.
Jeff also sensed that in one corner of this area there was a gateway, not a vortex of what we thought earlier.
More light sources are seen on camera.
Jeff now feels a change in atmosphere and light, he smells fresh coffee beans and senses the bar full of people.
He gets the year 1820-1821, then a circus. Groups of ladies, very noisy and busy.
Some sort of celebration, fireworks, circus clown,fairground. (light source goes over Jeff’s head), He felt this was a meeting place.
Senses the name Queen Victoria, celebration, with streets lined with people, a ferrous wheel, and a large green near to this place with a red and white tent there.
Jeff is now sensing a lady in front of him, height 5ft 8ins, holding a parasol, very elegant, her name “Elizabeth”. She cant see Jeff, she is passing through.
It was now time for Jeff to have a break. 01:43:09.
Alan sits near cam 3 and calls for a contact.
He feels a presence and a light source is seen near him. He says it feels quite strong around him now and hears a click near him, but puts this down to a furniture creak.(wood expanding or shrinking).
Alan mentions that his arms are tingling and in seconds it effects his whole body. Alan points to where he senses a presence and he has pointed to where a large light source is seen at the same time. Also another behind him is seen. He asks to be effected in some way for the answer yes.
Alan asks if this presence is a male and he senses tingling down his body. This we took as yes, and again light sources are seen on camera. He then senses a man wearing a three cornered hat, pointed black boots and a shiny buckled belt.
Alan’s forehead felt a heavy ache. He felt his hair touched on the right side. This was a person with curly shoulder length blond hair. Alan sensed the name Thomas and asked for a sign to confirm this. He started to tingle from head to foot and this was counted as a sign.
Alan then sensed the surname ” Didcott “, and he felt a heavy pain on the left side of his head as if Thomas was hurt. Alan sensed he was hit on the head and the year 1761. He asked Thomas to back off slightly as the pain was very intense, he did and it eased. Alan also felt the people who did this were not punished for there crime.
Several more light sources were seen in this time on camera. 02:10:13
Alan said he has backed away but senses another presence and Alan’s left arm is hurting. 02:11:40 light source seen passing over Alan’s head and towards the bar. He senses the color green. This was a very strong presence but he did not get contact at this time and decided to take a break.
02:38:42 Jeff and Alan were taking pictures in cam 3 area when Jeff felt he was being pulled. It was then that the film audio picked up a whisper saying “Alan “, and sounded like a male voice.
02:40:15 From this time we observed the cams for some time, and we saw several light sources.
03:14:46 Jeff and Maggie go to cam3 area once again. And he asks Maggie to relax and see what she can sense and feel. Jeff senses a presence, 03:16:33, and Maggie feels a tingling sensation to her head. Jeff requests this spirit to come forward and affect them in some way. He feels a band around his left wrist, possibly a shackle as he feels his wrist is bleeding.
They both pick up the smell of urine, at this time Jeff has pain to his right shoulder and describes it as a blow from a sharp instrument.
Jeff now feels he is being pulled or dragged.
He asks Maggie to stand in front of him, and she mentions that she feels like her legs are being pushed from the back of her. Jeff senses this smelly spirit is close. He also senses a kings golden crown.
03:29:48 Maggie feels like she is swaying, not left to right but circular.
Jeff has pressure to his forehead. Maggie’s toes go cold.
Alan, while monitoring the camera asks Jeff to go to Maggie’s right and step back to the wall behind her, he is sensing a presence there. When Jeff does this he suffers from shortness of breath and feels he has had a bash to the head. He senses his legs are pushed from behind and he is hit on the head with an axe, and his hand has been severed.
Jeff mentions that two men attacked him from behind and this person must have suffered terribly. This person did not know who attacked him, Jeff sensed. Jeff now sensed one of the attackers, a short weasel type of man. They had robbed him for his black purse and paperwork he carried and the reason for cutting off his hand was because he would not release his grip on the purse.
The year Jeff sensed was between 1700-1800. He then realized that the crown was a connection to this hotel. When he said this his body tingled and he felt this was a sign that this was correct.
Alan and Jeff both were in agreement that this spirit was in visitation.
Jeff asked for the spirit to give him some sign if his attacker smelt of urine. It was then that Jeff and Maggie saw a shadow move across near the window and felt this again was a response to the question.
Jeff senses this smelly spirit is negative and will have to repent. He senses this spirit steps back and another steps forward, he then says it is the same spirit that Alan sensed earlier, it was Thomas Didcott.
Jeff said Thomas was explaining that one attacked him from the back kicking his legs, while the other then attacked him from the front. Thomas confirmed that he was hit with a blade on the shoulder, then the head and he lost his hand by not letting go of the purse. He was left to bleed to death. Jeff thanked Thomas for his contact and asked him to move on with his blessing. 03:49:01
Jeff and Maggie sit near the window in the same area and Jeff senses being watched, and soon realities that Thomas has not gone. He feels there is more for him to pass on. Jeff felt it was possible he was a Sir Thomas, a surveyor with legal papers. He feels a stronger presence and senses Thomas close to him.
Alan joins them 03:53:30. Jeff is now seeing a folder, half inch thick, tied by a pink ribbon. Inside are legal documents, and Thomas is frustrated he could not finish what he was sent to do. Another folder is inside this with a yellow ribbon crossing through a dark red wax seal. Jeff senses it was to do with land. It might be a dowry.
Thomas finally moves on and we felt he had passed his message on at last.
Jeff smells a ladies perfume. He senses it’s the lady with the parasol, she and Thomas are connected in some way. The perfume becomes stronger.
Jeff asks for more information from Thomas as it is very hard to collect what he is trying to tell us. Another light source is seen going over us and fading towards the bar.
Alan senses some sort of deed, payed for by Thomas, and Jeff says it was sealed and it was a large page of writing, of which at the time he could not read, and senses that this document was of great importance to Thomas.
Alan then asks for the spirit that asked for help on our last visit to come forward.
Again Jeff smells the same perfume, and also feels a touch to his left arm. He asks if this is the spirit that wishes us to help them.
Alan senses a presence next to him and says it is female but she is reluctant to give her name. We move together to prepare for the clearance, and Jeff shivers as Alan asks this female spirit to come forward to us.
We are very private when we conduct our clearance, but we will say that this was very successful.
When we checked the film footage, 04:12:07, there was a male voice heard, saying “There we are “. Also Alan was wearing portable earphones and these were constantly giving high frequency sounds during the clearance, as this was the first time we have tried these we will put this down to making sure they are set correctly, but the drop in temperature we all felt was positive.
We invited Thomas to come forward but there was no response.
Jeff sensed a soldier and it was the same one as in the earlier investigation. 04:36:00.
04:38:20 Alan smells a toxic chemical smell. We all sensed mustard gas and this was a very quick visitation and could not get anymore information on this unfortunately. This is twice this spirit has come to us, but as quick as he comes in, he goes out faster. Maybe next time?
Jeff got a quick smell of the perfume again and at that time Alan’s headphones went crazy. No more contact was made.
We moved to Cam 4. on the stairs. 05:06:10.
Alan was at the top of the stairs and was experiencing major cold spots. When Jeff checked , Alan’s arms were very cold compared to the rest of his body.
Jeff sensed Michael and Johnathon, two children but contact was very weak and no further contact was made. He also sensed that there was a spirit that occasionally glided down these stairs.
05:15:00 We finished and did our closure for this investigation.
Kings Arms Royal Hotel 6th
We are investigating areas……Cellar, bar and rooms 19, 20. 21/09/07.
Team. Alan, Jeff and Lorraine.
Camera 1. room 19
Camera 2. room 20
Camera 3. facing bar
Camera 4. side of bar crossing camera 3.
On our arrival we asked Andy if we could spend a short while in the cellar, he agreed and down we went. Lorraine walked into the second area of the cellar and was drawn to a corner where she could see and hear a small girl child crying. Jeff sensed a father figure next to her and felt he had been very strict with his child and he was pushing her forward to us. This we understood was a show of help.
Lorraine said to them we would help them tonight and there was nothing to worry about. We left this area after around twenty minutes to arrange the set up for our equipment as we were later than usual this evening.
While we were setting up our in room 20, Alan had put a small table with a TV on it and a stool in front of the door to stop it closing. When Jeff entered the room the door suddenly moved to close, as if it had been pushed even with the stuff that was put in front of it. This was seen by Alan and felt by Jeff as it hit him. We have no explanation for this, it was typical that we were setting up the camera and it was not running.
We started our investigation in room 20, camera 1. 02:10:06
Alan and Jeff said this room felt very heavy although there was no actual presence at this time. A light was seen on camera by Lorraine as it traveled down his arm he jumped. Jeff said he had been grabbed on his arm. He said it was a grip of a hand. They both sensed they were not on our own but neither of them could identify this strong spirit.
Jeff sensed pain in his right hand and arm, and partly on his left leg.
A large light source was seen on camera.
This spirit was reluctant, or hiding, it did not want to come forward.
Jeff sensed he was about to be pushed at anytime, but this did not happen but the feelings were strong.
They could not make contact and took a break to move to room 19 camera 2. 02:14:07
Alan sees a light source near the mirror and at this time Jeff senses a presence and his head is very cold.
Alan asks for a contact and Jeff feels a shiver run through his body. 02:20:14
Jeff then feels the hairs on his head feel like they are raised although there is no visual sign of this.
They then asked if this spirit was happy where it was. It was then that they a heavy pressure within the room and both Alan and Jeff agreed they were being played with.
Jeff then said “either you come forward, or back off”. Contact was made by a shiver down his whole body.
He sensed a dark figure, not negative but a spirit that needed help but was too proud to except it. But this spirit would never admit that.
It was seen on the camera footage later that the focus was changing continuously while we were in this room and it was as if the camera was trying to focus on something in front of us, between us and the camera.
There was a tapping sound heard at 02:29:30 which came from in front of Alan and Jeff.
They both felt this spirit had something to hide and this is why it is so apprehensive.
Alan felt a quick drop in temperature 02:31:00 and is still sensing a presence, and at this time Jeff said he is feeling like he is standing in concrete.
Alan again asks for more contact and Jeff sensed the year 1800. He shivers from head to toe and the name Phillipe or Phillip came to him.
Alan then asked for conformation on this and again Jeff shivered and was given the age 49. He then smelt raw meat, and we could not get anymore on what this meant.
It was at this time that Alan felt the bed move slightly, as if it dipped, like something had put pressure on the mattress. Alan felt this presence was not negative but upset and confused.
They asked if they could help in some way.
It was heard on our recording “AHA”, by a male voice.
Jeff then asked “are you looking for someone”. Both of them felt a rush pass through their bodies.
This they took as the answer Yes.
Alan then asked if he was looking for Elizabeth ( as she was cleared by us a few weeks ago ).
It was then heard again on the recording “AHA”.
This spirit was very hard to keep contact with and we lost contact.
On further research between Alan and Jeff on this part of the investigation they have since come to the agreement that this spirit is deceptive and they will be investigating this further.
Jeff and Alan return to room 20. 02:40:07.
Jeff and Alan try to make a contact and Jeff felt heady and Alan top heavy.
Jeff feels that they are being baited in this room.
Apart from a large light source being seen no contact was made and they decided to take a break for coffee.
Lorraine, Alan and Jeff move to the bar area. camera 3 and 4. 03:12:00.
The bar area is near and above the cellar and all three of us group together and prepared ourselves for a clearance.
We called for the little girl and her father that were in the cellar and asked for them to come to us.
After a short time we realized that they were finding it difficult to leave the cellar so we had to draw them to us. It was then that Jeff sensed that the mother was with them as well.
We all centered our thoughts and energy around them and drew them to us. Alan sensed the first to come close was the little girl, Jeff and Lorraine confirmed that they were all with us.
As we were conducting the clearance we all sensed that the mother was nervous and was stepping back. This was when we agreed to have Alan conducting and Lorraine and Jeff grouping these spirits together.
Alan then said he felt a massive sense of closeness as Jeff and Lorraine drew them into our area.
Alan then asked Jeff if he had said something, Jeff said no and agreed that they were there.
There was a voice heard at that time on audio but we could not make out what was said.
The feelings around us were very strong, and again we felt the mother stepping back but after much persuasion and love from us all she held hands with her daughter and husband.
Alan called for them to come forward, as they did so the father held back slightly and Jeff told him as he was hesitant, to be strong for them all.
When playing back the footage we heard on audio a male voice saying “Must be strong “.
We were very successful in releasing these spirits, and it was our first time for a group family clearance. There was a rush of energy that went through us all and then a complete calmness surrounded the area. 03:46:07.
We found a lower activity of spirit lights at this time and during the whole invest.
Jeff returns to room 20. As a large light source moves above him he senses tingles all over, and several more were seen on camera 04:33:09.
He had the feelings of pins and needles in his legs. 04:37:11
He calls for contact and two light sources are seen slowly coming from the bathroom and getting larger as the cross the room and disappear into the wall.
Jeff feels the atmosphere changing in this room and again asks for contact. Another flaky light source is seen passing in front of him.
He feels this presence is hiding from him and will not come forward. He senses that his arm is going to be grabbed again but there was no contact at this time. 04:48:48
04:49:35 Jeff decides to take a break and moves back to room 19.
His first words as he enters were ” I do not like this room “, and he sits on the bed. As Alan has mentioned before we all work in pitch blackness so you can understand that sometimes it can be a little eerie.
Jeff then senses a presence in front of him and Alan said at this time that there is something effecting the camera focus (as he was monitoring). It was trying to reset itself as if there was something between Jeff and the camera, it did not know what to focus on. This went on for about four minutes and even when Alan asked Jeff to move to one side it carried on.
This was very strange and we have no answer for this.
The presence that Jeff was sensing would not come forward so he could not get any information, but at that moment his tee shirt was pulled from behind, and he felt an undercurrent of negativity and decided to leave this room until we were together to find out more. 04:56:28
The camera did not see Jeff’s tee shirt being pulled, but we are in no doubt that this happened to him. We have all felt or seen something in our time and we find it very strange that when recording is involved that it sometimes does not show up.
Lorraine had been resting(sleeping)lol. in the bar area for some time which was monitored by two cameras, apart from a few light sources there was no activity at this time.
Finished at 05:12:00
We found our photo footage had shown some mist on the first floor stairs, so our next invest will be setting two cameras in this area.
We have found that it is very strange that we cannot sense or be told some of the spirits names that we have contacted or helped, its as if they are very reluctant to give them. But this is their choice and we will help them in any way we can.
On studying our results and senses we are now understanding that we feel there is a great deal of hidden negative activity in the older part of the building. This we are going to bring forward in the weeks to come.
Kings Arms Royal Hotel 7
1st February 08
Our Team at the hotel was as follows
Alan, Lorraine, Jeff and our guests and now friends were Stephen and Gwyn.
Our all night investigation was excellent with positive and professional result.
We would like to thank Stephen and Gwyn for working with us and not only confirming our findings but also being part of the team. Their gifts are a credit to the work that we all undertake. We all can say that we have found two good friends.
Cellar 12.10
Jeff was in the cellar and heard someone coming down the stairs, but know one was there. This was confirmed on camera. Jeff said he sensed as if he was about to be attacked.
Steve now joined Jeff and sensed the names ALFY and JONES and also sensed something to do with a knife.
Alan had moved boxes earlier and a knife was found on the top of the box he had moved. This was definitely not there when he had moved them, very strange and unexplainable.
The cellar area was found by all to be very repressive
Jeff sensed the name BERNIE OR BERNARD, and also the feeling of a presence wanting to grab his right arm and twist it behind his back. Steve confirmed this as he sensed the same feeling.
A large light source was seen by Jeff between both of them.
Jeff suddenly shouted, ”I AM THE JUDGE”, he sensed this spirit was the judge here and they both felt the presence of a cruel and not nice person, very cruel . Both sensed he had a hook nose, wearing a three point hat and he was thin and wirey.
Several presences were felt and all were arrogant.
Steve felt he was pushed at 01.00, and felt as if someone had an elbow in his back. There was more aggression sensed by both of them.
Jeff sensed a lad around 13 to 15yrs, top hat and fagen type(rascal), also a younger lad with him.
Many light sources were seen at this time and they both sensed a lot of death. Steve sensed the name RICHARD and also confirms the JUDGE. At this time they both felt as if they had been touched on the head.1.14
The names TOMLIN and SARAH were sensed again aggression and authority was felt.
Alan joins them 01.14. As he came down the stairs he saw a shadow at the bottom and he could see it looked like a male, he thought it was Jeff or Steve but they were in the far side of the cellar. Alan moves in with both of them and I can say it was pitch black in this part of the cellar.
Jeff again shouts out, making Alan and Steve jump, the words “MY CLIENT” of which he had sensed. With this Alan felt his left arm being gripped and the released.
More light sources are seen and every one laughed as Jeff said he had just been called a TURD. At this time Steve had sensed JOSEPH.
Jeff then felt another touch to his head and it was seen on camera, a large light source went over his head at that time.
Gwyn joins the three lads. 01.24. Jeff returns upstairs.
Alan feels a touch to his back as if a fist was pushed into him. Gwyn feels heat to her left and Lorraine and Jeff who were monitoring from upstairs sensed it was a male.
Jeff returns 01.35. Steve said he has a very heavy head. And at 01.38 he was pushed backwards, enough to make him take a step. Shortly after this , 01.41 Gwyn jumps and realized her torch which was hanging on her side touched her leg. We all had a good laugh.
Again Jeff is touched on the head and Gwyn was touched on the leg (no torch this time).
01.42 Alan calls out for a more positive action and it was seen on camera that a large light source traveled around Alan’s head and out in front of Gwyn and Steve and settled in front of them for a while before dis-appearing.
Steve was touched again after Alan called out for more contact. It was then that Jeff sensed the words “I SEE YOUR EYE “, and the temperature dropped very fast . Alan then called again asking why they feared us, Steve shivered as if he had been walked through and Jeff sensed, “WE DO NOT FEAR ANYTHING”. Alan replied “Yes you do or you would come forward, and not hide behind us and in the shadows”.
We settled the cellar down and left the area .
The stairs to the first floor was again active and Stephen had a great result which is shown in his drawings, and confirmed many of our findings.

Kings Arms Royal Hotel 8th
Investigation 25th July and was live.
We arrived early at around 10pm and started to set up
12pm and we were set.
We studied room 12, the cellar and the kitchen.
Team…..Alan, Lorraine, Jeff, Steve .
Jeff started in room 12.
After a little trouble with the camera audio we settled down.
Jeff senses a lady called “Jaqualin Marquee”, he senses wealth and she is around 5ft 5in in height.
He tingles sensing this lady, and feels the room was larger than it is today because she enters from a different area other than the existing door.
She is dressed as if she has her bags packed and is ready to leave. This at the time made Jeff light headed with a scuttle pressure.
A gentleman is close and Jeff said he was from a slightly later period. 00:17:35
He has a small bowler hat, a full mas tosh that turns up at each end and has a small bit of beard under his bottom lip. He senses the year being late 1800 to early 1900. The woman is less than that.
Jeff explains that the two energies feel like they are cut in half, separate, with different atmospheres, also he has pressure on the back of his neck. He has a shortness of breath, feels like strangulation or hanging or poison.
Again he gets the feeling of the room being larger.
He then senses another strong feeling to his left and behind him of which he is not sure and he can smell leather.
He can now sense 3 spirits in this room.
The male is distant but the female is in his face, very brazen. Both are connected but their ages are different, she is older.
He was not sure if she had a child but the name “Annette” came forward.
He seems to get a family and the word “French”.
There are also 2 children, one of each sex.
The woman was around 1893 and the man 1900, Jeff sensed.
Jeff noticed shadows and light sources during this time. Nothing was seen on camera.
Jeff felt that something had happened to the girl child and Mother. There was no negativity just sadness in the room at this time.
He senses the woman had pleurisy or some kind of chest problem.
It was then that Jeff’s ear and neck was touched.
The woman and man seemed distant from one another and Jeff sensed that the man would have been heard or sensed walking the corridor outside this room.
The woman on the other hand would be seen or sensed at the top of the stairs near by. She is looking for something, Jeff sensed, and he feels this whole floor level around room 12 is always active.
Maddie joins Jeff.
Jeff discusses with Maddie his feelings and senses.
Maddie feels a pressure on her shoulders, and senses the woman standing in front of her shaking her head at her to the response of Jeff and Maddie’s conversation.
They both agree that the man or husband is very still and quiet and is just staring at them. Maddie feels he could be very nasty if upset.
Maddie try’s to tempt the little girl with a charm bracelet but she senses the mother holding the little girl back.
Jeff then senses that they are all in the world of spirit but the children have joined them at a later stage.
Several light sources are seen on camera at this time, although some are dust there are several that are very unusual. Jeff feels very heady and Maddie is saying her heart is racing. They feel they need to take a break.
The cellar.00:30:00
Steve had been in the cellar for around half an hour, Alan joined him. Steve was aware in the time he was there that he had been poked in the back a few times.
They both felt that the atmosphere was lighter than the previous invest.
Alan called out for contact and asked for the Judge but no response.
It was then that Tina and Theresa had said (as they were viewing live) that Alan needed to tell the Judge that they the girls were not present and were not with Alan at this time.
This was put forward and Alan and Steve felt a build up of energy around them. They felt a presence but it was very weak. Steve felt a presence to his left side and then they both sensed it standing between them.
After many attempts to try and bring this spirit forward they decided to take a break and go to the kitchen.00:01:50
Lorraine and Maddie. Room 12.
Lorraine, on entering and sitting in this room felt like it was full of spirit and felt the fun and happiness and good within this room. At this time on the camera, a large unusual light source past over both of the girls.
Lorraine senses someone behind her. She senses it’s like being loved and cuddled and she has weak knees but it is such a lovely atmosphere.
Maddie and Lorraine also sense that they are being ignored and the activity is just doing their own thing.
Again on camera the light sources seen are very unusual.
Lorraine and Maddie suddenly both sense the activity go completely flat and sad. Lorraine feels pulled towards the window in this room and senses a presence in the room that is heavy and sad. They both ask if any spirit is in need of their help, but there is no contact.
They both swop positions from where they are sitting. Maddie feels cold on her left side. 01:54:30
Lorraine senses two spirits and they are desperate for some kind of help. She senses the letter “M”. Mark or Michael. But also the name Meesha is very clear, and again she senses the need for help.
Maddie at this time is feeling light headed, and again she senses this spirit shaking their head, but not sure why ?
Lorraine senses pain from wrist, some sort of punishment to these spirits, they are terrified, and also senses the name “Reg”.
She feels they were found guilty of something and punished.
Another light source was seen when the word pain was mentioned.
Both girls feel pain to the head simultaneously.
Also Lorraine senses stealing as the crime committed. But this was for survival more than for gain.
Maddie senses a sacking being thrown over her.
They both agree that there are trapped spirits in this area and they need to be helped across to the other side during this night.
Break at 02:07:28
Time. 02.22.00
Jeff and Alan
Both Jeff and Alan sensed a heavy head feeling. Jeff sensed it was our old friend the Judge and he was standing behind him. Alan requested he come to the front of us. At this time it felt much darker than usual, and Jeff felt a light push to his back and sensed the name GERRARD and a dagger.
Jeff senses more activity between himself and Alan. This is when Alan smelt a pipe or cigar smoke. They both commented on the activity surrounding them. Alan then felt a touch to his head, and Jeff seem to loose his balance slightly.
Alan and Jeff now seal the cellar in white light, as they do so they feel the activity get stronger. They brought the Judge forward to them, and they feel this spirit is very strong. They began the clearance and again they said that this presence is very strong, and they were having overwhelming sensations. Alan felt a strong breath on his neck as they brought this spirit into the center of them.
After a fairly long period of time this was a successful clearance and Jeff and Alan said they were very drained. 02.56.03
They retired for a break, and for the remainder of the evening several light sources were seen on and off camera.
Unfortunately our data on filming was lost due to a faulty computer and EVP was also lost on all our archived earlier filming.

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