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Spiritwatchuk has been constructed based on many years of experience.

Although many will observe us as ghost hunters, we believe and understand our work continues far beyond the way these teams work. We also understand that all clients are somewhat confused with certain unusual experiences at which they experience and would need the answers to many of their events. Our work consists of setting cameras with audio and just monitoring the chosen area for an agreed period of time. I might add it could be day or night and up to 8 hours per session. At various times we might need to check the equipment which means minimum access to walk around your abode, there are just three researchers in our team. We do not use any other equipment other than the recording devices. Our aim is to capture anything that could confirm the events you are experiencing to give you the possible answers you seek.

We do not charge for our services because it helps with our research. This does not mean we are not professional and respectful in all the work we do and each client is treated with the upmost of respect. We are in agreement with any instruction that you request and will honour all requests, especially if you wish your identity and abode to remain private.

We also, on request, aid other groups with their research. Again we would monitor their work to help them by recording the event.

Our work has shown us there are many individuals who have had many unusual experiences and we request you allow our team to share your events with you by allowing us to help you come to terms with what ever it may be. We do not judge anyone as we understand on many occasions that these can be private individual experiences. 

If you would consider our service to help you then please contact us, we would be only too pleased to meet and help you. The public must understand it is not up to an individual to judge that person who believes they are experiencing or have encountered a sole event that is believed to be connected to paranormal activity. Our team works to identify this phenomenon without judgement and professionally collects any research data produced to show the client.

Regards, Alan and the team.

 If you require privacy please use our email for contact.

 Please leave your comments which are important to us.


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