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Alan Chappell of Spiritwatchuk

  1. Describe the paranormal in one sentence

Something that cannot be explained or re-an-acted, under normal circumstances.

  1. What has been your most rewarding encounter whilst investigating the paranormal?

Helping others to come to terms with their experiences, successfully resolving their events by giving answers for the experiences they endure and recording any activity within the investigation. Peace of mind.

  1. Your worst experience, including your Fear Factor on a scale of 0-10?


Technical failure really, which can be very frustrating when most reasons on many investigations has no answer to why. Although we are made to jump many times during events we can say there is no fear.


  1. What paranormal investigations do you take on?

All and any investigation that involves spirit activity, which means good or negative within the private sector, commercial property, Municipal buildings e.c.t, we will investigate all venues, we are contacted 90% of the time. We also do separate investigations of interest in many areas of our own choice which is a bonding and a relaxing method for our team. All investigations are recorded with the aid of CCTV.

  1. If someone was experiencing the paranormal what would your advice would you give them?

Not to try to solve spirit activity on their own, find experienced people like ourself to help them. Don’t just listen to anyone, We listen to every individual experience and recommend our services to help, but not only to advise but also to conduct a full professional investigation. To trust and understand the team you choose is the key to the answers of successfully finding the results of the event you are experiencing.

Alan. Founder/Sensitive/Technical advisor

Nick. Sensitive/Technician

If you need any advice or help with paranormal activity you can go to our website or  email us . We work mainly in the private sector, so discretion, if requested is exactly what it means.

There are many reasons for unusual happenings, how else can you get the answers unless you investigate the reason? You will not be judged, we make no assumptions, just straight forward professional recordings.

Trust and respect us, so we can trust and respect you.


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