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Brook House Godalming.
May 23rd, 2016 by Alan C Edit Post

Brook House. Godalming Surrey. 2007/8

We arrived at 7.30pm and as Lorraine walked in she felt both her legs hurting from the knees downwards.

While talking to Emma, Lorraine had the feeling of someone putting there arm in hers and trying to lead her away gently, it was a positive touch.

When entering one of the rooms upstairs she sat near the fireplace and heard the name “Peter Baker”. She then felt a gentle push between her shoulder blades and a hand, again gently, pat her stomach. She also sensed there were a lot of children there at some time, like a refuge, nursery or hospital. It was shortly after this that Lorraine felt so repressive, giddy and sick that it was decided to get her out and take her home

In the top room to the left Jeff sensed a woman “Mary’ Anne”, and the smell of bandages and alcohol. There were several lights sources around at this time. Alan sat at the top of the second floor stairs and he smelt a sweet old smell as if to be from an old lady.

Jeff sensed death in his room and blistered legs on an elderly woman, as if she was burnt. This room was at the time heavy, suppressed and sad. He sensed the names Elliot and Thackery.

22.08 Jeff also sensed the name William Heart and sensed he was in visitation. This visitation had a bother who was a baker and he was very proud of him. (Lorraine also sensed the name Baker)

Also the names Suzanna Miles and Marcus or Mark were also sensed

There was a lot of visitation on this night

23.15 Backroom. Jeff senses a male between 50-70yrs in the 1960s, he was a heavy smoker with chest problems. Name John Legget, he was an accountant. Also the name Mary’Anne 5ft 4″ long flowing dress, the year 1800/1820.

He also felt something to his right and Alan confirmed while he was in the monitor room upstairs that he sensed a male with fair hair. Emma who was with Jeff felt quite fragile. Jeff senses pain across his shoulder blades and chest and the corner he stood in was suppressive and very dark, he felt pain in his lungs and sensed a negative feeling in the room. He said to Alan “We need to clear and move this spirit on tonight”. Two large light sources were seen coming from the corner towards the door and disappeared.

01.30 Jeff and Alan successfully cleared this room and blessed it. During the clearance there was a noise (EVP) which sounded like a Child’s squeaky two toned toy. Later that night Emma returned to this room and confirmed how calm it felt.

2.04 Alan, Jeff and Emily were now in the top front room of the house. Jeff senses a child next to him and feels a touch to his hand. We were concerned that a child would be there on her own but Alan sensed a strong presence of a nanny with her and sensed this was definitely visitation (Jeff sensed governess), which was quite a relief as we always worry when children come forward Shortly after Alan sensed the name “Bailey”, and Jeff sensed he was a naval admiral. It was then that Jeff sensed the name “Emily Gray”, again this was visitation.

2.04 Alan sensed the name “Mandalin”, and Jeff at the same time sensed “Madaline”. Also Alan sensed “Janice” and the initials “JA” ,and Alan experienced a heavy feeling and felt angry. At this point two knocks were heard and two light sources were seen at the same time.

2.30 Jeff smelt morphine and rotten flesh. We took a break.

3.10 Emily shouted she saw a camera cable move downstairs. Alan, Jeff and Emma went to investigate and saw that the fixing for the cable had come loose causing it to fall. BUT when viewing the film footage it was seen that there was a definite series of tugs on the cable and after around 20seconds it then fell. We have NO explanation for this.

3.45 Jeff and Alan sat in the middle floor room and several times they both recognized the smell of some kind of disinfectant.

During the night Jeff visited the front downstairs room and sensed with Emma that there was the smell of lily’s and a sense of a chapel of rest. This was very strange as Lorraine sensed coffins within the building. There was a strong residual energy within this room which we will be investigating further.

We found there was a great deal of visitation on this night and yet again the spirits that reside here were reluctant to come forward and give more information.

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