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Spiritwatchuk has been constructed based on many years of experience. We are now in a position to offer our free services to research all types of paranormal activity by means of filming and recording each requested investigation. This means anything we see or hear will be recorded and shown to each client. We only use cctv and bodycams to eliminate fraud. Our main cause is to confirm any activity over a set period of time. We are not a fun or tour group and take our work very seriously. Our main objective is to show each client what is or what is not the cause of the event they are experiencing. Many of our clients who understand the situation of the events they have witnessed would like to see if we can capture this activity, while others are quite upset and need help to understand this strange phenomenon. Spiritwatch can help all that request our service and in return you will recieve a professional and fully respectful research into the investigation.

The first thing to consider is not to worry about what others may think because we also offer if requested privacy and discretion to our clients. We also do not judge any client as we understand the need to find an answer to your experiences. If you have a question we will answer you, just ask.

Help us to continue our professional research by allowing us access to your dwelling.


Welcome to our website.

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