About us

Professional help.

We have several permissions at this time with the farming, equestrian and golf industry, aiding our clients with the control of rabbits and rats e.t.c.. We work in compliance with the law and the client strictly honouring safety. We are able to work day and night for the client’s convenience, we make sure there is no disruption in the area chosen. All areas are visited in daylight to access all aspects of safety and to meet the conditions requested by the client, which usually involves the client joining us on the walkabout to discuss the rules and requests concerning their property. A full health and safety assessment is carried out in advance prior to any work commencing, including an understanding of ground depth and safety angles of shot. We do not charge for our service. Seeking permission to shoot on any property is a serious and responsible responsibility and needs to be completed in writing to cover all safety aspects. Being an experienced and trustworthy team of two we are always looking for clients to sign up to our service and being a free service helps us to continue the work we are successful at.

Nick and Alan welcome you to consider our service.